Premium gastronomic innovation

In collaboration with a world-renowned pastry chef who was voted “Chef of the Year” three years in a row, the team of entrepreneurs behind this project has developed an exclusive recipe for ice cream and sorbets with a high alcohol content. In addition to being at the crossroads of more than profitable markets (alcohol and ice cream), this project represents a real innovation, as the recipe contains more alcohol than existing products.

FO Solutions offers you the opportunity to invest in this new premium range of frozen products!


Real Estate Projects

Investment focused on real estate assets through a fund or a Club Deal. Contact us to have more details.

Neokids, the first Montessori creche network in France

FO Solutions offers you the opportunity to finance a social, ecological, organic and educational project … by investing in the future of our children! DON’T HESITATE ANY LONGER, TAKE PART IN THE ADVENTURE !

We offer eligible bonds with ISIN code – Annual coupon 7.00% / Term 5 years.

Let’s explore TOGETHER all possible avenues in order to propose you a personalized investment offer in relation to your projects and development needs.

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Luxurious and exceptional project

FO Solutions offers you the opportunity to develop exclusive and prestigious establishments in the hotel and gastronomy sector!
We help you to realize an exceptional project by having the privilege of a partnership with an international French brand of luxury as well as the support of our team of specialists in the luxury hotel business.
Increase your visibility, exclusivity and financial performances by partnering with a renowned brand that will give you exclusive media coverage, and where you can take advantage of their prestigious image and notoriety to provide your guests with unique and unforgettable experiences.
Don’t miss this opportunity and contact us!